We offer you more than 20 different activities for your stay, the hardest will be to choose!


Discover some examples of stays to ne personalized for any duration, 8 days, 10 days, 15 days or more, French Guiana awaits you!


We offer a selection of vehicles ans ships to discover French Guiana by land or by water: boats, buses, cars …

French Guiana

A few photo albums to invite you to discover Guiana, its fauna, its flora, its beaches, its forests …


Experience the rhythm of French Guiana, its festivals, its ceremonies, its seasons and enjoy our discount.

A unique and unforgettable experience …

Guyane Evasion is a Incoming Travel Agency French Guyana

Our expertise:

  • Custom-made circuit design including accommodation, transport, catering, tourism activities for groups and individuals.
  • Day trips or half day in Guiana.
  • Air tickets for domestic flights in Guiana (Maripasoula Grand Santi, Saul).
  • Tours designed for groups and individuals from the neighboring countries (Brazil and Suriname), but also for people from all other countries, départure from Cayenne.

Why Guiana?

  • No existing natural disaster
  • Stable political and economic situation
  • Mild weather all year round
  • An exotic and unusual destination
  • French Départment, experience it the french way


A tour panel can be organized in French Guiana!

Choose your excursions depending on your mood (day trip, river tours, jungle treks, exceptional circuits …) and let us guide by and explain it all to you.


Guyane Evasion offers turn-key customized tours for groups or individuals of short or long duration.

Several themes can be proposed: adventure, culture, visit of the must-sees in Guyana, VIP pack, exceptional circuits …


Discover the different transportation option we can provide you with driver, by rental car, by bus, by boat, canoe, sailing boat …


For a better understanding, Guyane Evasion locates all sights we offer on a map.

Discover Guiana with ease!


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Practical information

This section allows you to know all useful information before your departure (currency, climate, administrative formalities, events in Guyana, health, jet lag, seasons, airlines serving the destination … ..).