Guyane Evasion offers a variety of means of transport to move around French Guiana.

Whether long or short term, private car with driver or rental car,

by boat, sailboat, bus or canoe, come and discover Guyana with ease!

Cars, minibus and coaches

Guyane Evasion provides you with quality transportation, either on roads or water.


  • 1 Audi A8
  • 1 BMW 4 series
  • 1 Mercedes E class
  • 1 Citroën C5 exécutive
  • 1 4x4 Audi Q5

Minibus and coaches

  • 1 minivan, fitted with tinted windows (Seats 9)
  • 1 minibus (Seats 15)
  • 1 minibus (Seats 22)
  • 2 coaches (seats 50 each)

Boats (sea or river)

  • Forboat 34S accommodating 16 people
  • A small sailboat available with skipper

More information

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