Trip schedule

9.15am – Gathering at the PK21 landing stage (Saramaca riverside port).

All aboard for a pirogue trip along the Kourou River lasting nearly two hours! No time for boredom, though—every new bend in the river will reveal wildlife worth watching. Once arrived at Camp Canopée, you will climb up to the tree carbet: a platform lodge among the branches where a welcome drink will be served before you can survey your surroundings—at some 32 feet above ground!

Yet this is only a first stage: you will climb higher to the observation terrace (49 feet above ground) and watch daredevils sliding back and forth on the zip lines. Then why not slide yourself above the creek and its massive creepers? No fear: you’re guaranteed a soft landing at the foot of those Amazonian giant trees…
In your own time and using your own equipment, you will even climb further up through the successive forest strata until you reach the top platform above the canopy, towering at some 118 feet in height! Before some abseiling down, this platform will offer you privileged views on the vast forest horizons all around; take your time to watch the flying birds of prey—not to mention macaws, toucans and other multicolored birds… Howler monkeys and kwatas will also be spotted.

You can later explore the St Michel Mountain with a guide; you’ll discover unusual plants for both food and healing purposes. With a tiny bit of luck, some denizens of the forest may even suddenly pop up before your eyes… Your day will end with a special river trip back to camp—manning the paddles on traditional pirogues.

Other accommodations and trip lengths are available.

Duration2 days/ 1 night
Meeting pointPK21 - Dégrad Saramaka
Departure time9.15am
Your Stay
2 days/ 1 night
full board
Price per person (in €)
Adult222 €
(under to 12 years old)
116 €

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