What is Djokan

Guyane Evasion offers an initiation to Djokan—Guiana’s specific Amazonian martial art. Our customized package includes outdoor demonstrations and training.

This initiation is open to all (combat fitness not a must).

Djokan forms part of the Amazonian cultural heritage. Its martial art techniques were codified by its official founder, Mr. Yannick THEOLADE. It combines ancestral combat traditions from several ethnic backgrounds (Amerindian, African and Bushinengue).

Nature plays a key part in its practice, providing direct inspiration for some of its moves. Initiation will allow you to connect with ancestral attitudes and values relying on self-confidence but also self-challenge, permanent seeking for balance and respect towards multiplicity of cultures. Genuine warrior ethics!

This is essentially a group activity and a min. of 10 participants is required.
You may choose your own preferred location: out in the forest, on the beach—or even where you stay.

Customized package prices available on request

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