Creek Gabriel

Upstream from Stoupan along the Mahury River (some 16 miles south from Cayenne) lies the Crique Gabriel, a small but very typical tributary creek meandering through dense Amazonian forest vegetation.

This is the place where Morphos abound, i.e. almost unreal butterflies with shimmering colors, fluttering amid the ruins of former rosewood and cocoa plantations. If water levels allow your pirogue further access, you will also discover the place – somewhere upstream from Eskol – where overarching trees gradually recede and marshland begins—covering the whole plain of Kaw.

Half-day trip on a motorized pirogue

9.00am or 2.00pm (depending on the tide) – Gathering at the Wayki Village restaurant in Dacca (right by the riverside a few miles after Roura, a small town some 12 miles south of Cayenne). You’ll board your pirogue and cast off to explore to the Crique Gabriel.

Motoring up the creek with your guide, you will navigate through lush surroundings (so-called “riparian” vegetation) until you come to a change in the landscape where the creek floods into the Roura marshlands—right on the outskirts of the Kaw natural reserve. You’ll then reach the Oyack River flowing past Roura town.

This circuit offers you direct contact with several biotopes (creek, river and savannah), each of them pointed out and explained by your guide.

Other accomodations are available.
DurationHalf day
Meeting pointAt the Wayki Village restaurant
Departure time9.00 am or 2.00pm
Your Stay Price per person (in €)
Adult30 €
6 to 11 years old
15 €
under 5

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