Exploring the Kaw Marshes on pirogue

To the south-east of Cayenne lies a broad strip of marshland bordered on its south by the mountains of Kaw and La Gabrielle.

This marshland – known as the Kaw savannah – is inhabited by teeming and varied species, especially bird fauna typical of this biotope: herons, egrets, hoatzins and ducks but also kingfishers, jacanas, snipes and moorhens. The Kaw marshes are also home to batrachians and caimans—to be observed at nightfall.

Your experienced guides will therefore take you on this “eco-trip” during both daytime hours and nighttime; using safe spots and remaining fully respectful of nature, you will come into close contact with some of the most fascinating creatures of Guiana.Guyanaise.

Marsh Trip

2.45pm – Gathering at the Kaw landing stage for departure at 2.30pm or 3pm.
Your pirogue (dugout canoe) will take you up the Kaw River along some 15 miles for commented observations of the marshland fauna and flora.

You will then (late afternoon) enter part of the Wapou creek which gradually extends into flooded areas of the primeval forest—with remarkable species, noises and calls you guide will help you identify.

6pm – Stop by the creek to serve coffee and drinks. You can also bring your own picnic.

7.15pm – Your pirogue will cast off again for nighttime observations. The Kaw marshes are one of the last shelters in South America for the black caiman, the largest of all its species. Permanently hunted for its hide and meat, this reptile descended from the dinosaurs still lives in peace in the most inaccessible reaches of the reserve. A specialist will take you on a quest for this mythical animal and its cousins—red caimans (aka Cuvier’s dwarf caimans) and spectacled caimans.

10pm – Arrival back at the Kaw landing stage.

Other accommodations and trip lengths are available.
DurationHalf day
Meeting pointKaw landing stage
Departure time2.45pm
Your StayPrice per person (in €)
Adult55 €
Children under 1227.5 €

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